Landscape of time (LE)

by Chris Treborn



G-Rated Entertainment launched "Landscape of time" (First Edition) in 2004 with the success of the hit single; "In-N-Out Anthem". Since then, G-Rated ENT. has released family friendly music, both educational and entertaining.

This album has a unique blend altogether. The musical style is Trip-Hop and the lyrics are a mix of Conscious Rap and Underground. Chris Treborn added a few things here and there to revamp the project and even added "Sbux 411" to the album, as well as "Lightning Strikes Twice" which is a remix of "Ephesians 6:10" from the original "Landscape of time". Treborn discusses personal life experiences, and he also shares his passion and his love with poetic songs such as; "My Dime In A Rough" & "Make A Wish".

Landscape of time is perfect for any road trip, and definitely suitable to be shuffled through your play-list.


released September 2, 2008

G-Rated ENT. + Endless Dream Productions
Christian Treborn, Erik Perales, Rich Sphire



all rights reserved


Chris Treborn Salem

Chris Treborn will always be willing to share great music that will soothe souls and heal hearts. He is an AnchorMAN, and this is Soul Anchor Music.

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Track Name: All That You Need
(Introduction in reverse)
Listen! This is your call
Vision! Before you burn and fall
The time is right now, no need to stall
Raise up your fist and knock down this wall
Do u hear me knocking I'm classy and beautiful
All these notes ring your bell that’s me I’m musical
See I’m not flashy don’t want to lose my soul
Suitable to wear khakis and now I choose my goal
A lab mouse that might lack speed still I write Among bushes I’m a tree I plant seeds to be tight Free the industry it’s a black thing still I’m white All these punks full of hate acting to start a fight
You must despise exactly what’s peaceful its in me I compose fastly with my lethal symphony I’m not the bomb so I guess u cant pass me From the backseat (that’s nasty) like water from the tap Please join my universe u can share the sunshine I mean Jesus Christ lets all say the sun’s mine The word is forever you only go to church sometime? Starving for this mean well this is our lunch line!
I don’t know about the source (or xxl) I have my own story to tell (and I wont fail) First off I'm not an actor (I'm not gangsta) I am the rapper that really wants to thank ya (In the Northwest and yes I'm portugee Thankful for my people because they supported me Who am I with this cinematic entrance This is me poetry dramatic and the suspense) It aint easy being me but I remain sight full Let me show u my plan let me show u my goal Why do u think I'm here? (Is it my geography?) Destiny u find in me (yeah) it ought to be A bit of cancer sour awake when some sleep I got panther power (within) it runs deep From Carolina to California I spread my flame Still a zephyr same endeavor same name! I'm the metaphorical question that’s rhetorical (living the dream) when I wake it won’t be horrible my lyrics are historical especially when they’re more read (if you’re searching for a Christian) u should kiss me on the forehead
I’m not the man of the hour (I'm the man of the millennium) A head of my class (call me the 5th Pentium) U have no clue do you? (Of what I can actually do!) My power is unique and it’s factually true Use me I’m blessed to get your message across I got connections so u can take up your cross U can share your loss with all of the world I hear and listen to your feelings for a girl I foreshadow things to come later on heard Your doubts and fears all hidden within word Be a martyr in your life (it couldn’t be! Better scripted) Media consumes your right use your voice u are gifted (spit unto me) not now I mean right now Don’t be afraid of your fate if so put the mic down Here’s your shot to grab the mic even if they might clown Follow your hopes and dreams be a leader for this tight sound (time is running out) I cant even slumber now Make ripples in this water no need to wonder how Moves are to be made (not a slave I’m underground) I make quakes on this planet until there’s none around
(I see) I’m about to launch this (hopefully) I’ll touch u like a mosh pit (holy) I have nada thing to hide (owe me) a hero in you’re children’s eyes I love hip-hop. Thru Christ I am blessed The Cross Movement Records you know they’re the best