[Memory Box] 2008​-​2013

by Chris Treborn



What exactly is a “Memory Box”?

A memory box is a vessel that contains various items relating to an individual’s personal life experience. The keepsakes inside hold great significance and help obtain memories of past events.


released September 9, 2009

Photography by Agape Studios in Salem, Oregon
© Christian Treborn | AnchorMEN
Courtesy of Soul Anchor Music



all rights reserved


Chris Treborn Salem

Chris Treborn will always be willing to share great music that will soothe souls and heal hearts. He is an AnchorMAN, and this is Soul Anchor Music.

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Track Name: Church Time
Let me explain, to those that don’t know;
It’s a re-lationship. Perfection is the goal.
The world; Let it go. And yourself; let it go.
If there’s rain; Let it snow. Got love; Let it show!
Where’s my hug at? Never mind a pound
We’re brothers and sisters, so tell me; Are you down?
Where’s your crown? Smile. You’re royalty in His eyes
Why you look so sad? Are you convinced that He died?
Naw… He came back. You know we claim that
This is my plain rap, and I’m going to state fact
Where the saved souls at? Where’s the lost sheep?
I was lost too, until He called me
See the lighthouse, as it shines bright
It leads you back home so you can find sight
Even if my rhymes tight, my plan is to bless you
I’m here to help you… call me search and rescue!
Track Name: Who Really Knows
Living this life isn’t all that is seems to be
we have too much haters, messing up the scenery
to get free, people find that greenery - but not me
instead I stay clean, like god intends it to be
lonely, so I stand on my own plan
I’m my own man, I’ll bounce back like a rubber band
if you hold me in your hand you can understand
I stay productive and I do all that I can
I don’t really care what anyone thinks
because I’ll be learning the truth - when y’all be having drinks
keeping the good word in my heart and all
when I fall you rise, you’ll see - I’m an outlaw
I might be last, I might be left when your taken
I’ll be thankful I can cherish my last breath no mistaken
I’m a warrior, armor of god on my side
this is for all the tears, and all the times I cried
we live life without a clue in this world
now everything is lost for every boy and girl
image is what we see surrounding our children
it all depends on the foundation of our building

will you accept the brutal truth… or reject it like those?
Be an immoral fool or will you be a wolf in sheep’s clothes
now if its life? If its death? Tell me who really knows
who really knows? Keep going….don’t stop keep flowing until you drop

when it comes to difference, we’re ignorant and blind
humans must come to learn what’s on the inside
when I left California, I lost a lot of friends
I know diversity and several social blends
without the colors of the rainbow it would be no fun
how good could the moon be without the sun
you cant have balance without both of them
when one starts to fade the other will dim
balance is found starting with yourself
inside of me is the future of diverse health
let me be the zephyr spreading the flames
keep the dream alive and stop playing games
at first happiness was hard to find
to make new friends - you must be color blind
that my friends, is the secret to success
open minded understandings are the best to express

When you’re prejudice you can lose your life
when you use racial slurs its like using a knife
stabbing and stabbing as blood pours out
look it’s the same color red beyond a doubt
does it really matter where the blood is from?
I too was ignorant, I too was young and dumb
but now I know of my fate and destiny
make a difference for the youth, forever possibly

Will you accept the brutal truth… Or reject it like those?
Be an immoral fool or will you be A wolf in sheep’s clothes
Now if its life? If its death? Tell me who really knows … Who really knows?

if I get the chance to do all I can
I promise to help others know themselves and understand
diversity is god’s way, to help us know life
what I’ll do for love is be a living sacrifice
let me use a quote as I know say
I live by this motto for life’s diverse way
I’m never ignorant getting goals accomplished
until I reach the world I’m a keep my promise
unity wont come, there wont be complete peace
I’ll still write my dreams and try my best to touch the streets
reach all I can though I’m only one man
in this vision I had, I was given this plan
now I understand what to do to survive
when I fall of this earth I want to be alive
I don’t want to live a normal life
I’m going to die one day but now I live for Christ

Will you accept the brutal truth… Or reject it like those?
Be an immoral fool or will you be A wolf in sheep’s clothes
Now if its life? If its death? Tell me who really knows … Who really knows?
Track Name: Pre Med
Perusing passion and purpose in my puberty
fervor and fresh even though few are free
this is an early me from a newly tree
rebuilt reborn fruitful times three
grew up young in the 1980s
pop, R&B, I’m a hip-hop baby
adolescent and I used to tag
juvenile with a messenger bag
just wanted jerseys all I never had.
Made what I could and saved my cash
I was an artist, comic books n more
then it was poetry I tried to explore
my sister passed inspired a song
sad to see her gone, I had to move on
2pac died, then we all cried
bottled up emotions deep down inside
97 it was big, ruff riders rid
no limit to cash money place your bid
it was 1999 when hip hop died
along with me as it killed my pride
I swallowed more feelings more emotions
poetry was more than just my potions
it gave me fuel and a reason why
to give my all so I didn’t have die
the more I tried the more I slid
so I gave my life let go of the kid
knew there was a man, someone like me
someone with strength someone that’s free

knew there was a man, someone like me
someone with strength someone that’s free
the c h r I s t
or you can even call him j.c.
he was my mentor no longer was it Pac
because I couldn’t live my life on the block
couldn’t get shot, couldn’t punk rock
so as an artist I buried hip hop
rock a bye hippo, hopper without info
where is the rabbit, that I saw in the window
wearing that big coat, as he holds his throat
I’m feeling sick though, murder that she wrote
so now there is nothing not even Christian
no music for my spirit they all lacked vision
too many repeaters, sampling heaters
I’ll launch my own rockets and made them seekers
hear in the tweeters, thump n my speakers
less bass more treble as I lace my sneakers
no longer adidas now I rep vans shoes
now I make music and its about you
its about news and why its so good
got to be heard from the ‘burbs to hood
if you’re in the church or if you’re in the club
there’s only one deejay that promises love
Track Name: Deeply Rooted
Just another man with a quarter century
Mexican but I can’t afford the sin or beef
Portugee American I swear I am born to speak
pork n cheese eating nothing but warm n sweet
spiritual food, or just a lyrical dude
I’m feeling so cool, in the shade so rude
I pray I’m a tool used by the body of Christ
listen to his music its sugar n spice
use it to cook and feed it to all
is he just a man or was he once called
to be a minister with rhythm and poetry
who is this man o yeah, you know its me
I’m a surgeon for Christ, a sinner reborn
I live for him! Call me Chris Treborn
this song I’ll play for them but is it hip-hop?
Or contemporary Christian will it flip flop?

(I fight for him now, never throw in the towel)
(If I fall down get back up as I growl)
Should it be hype, should it excite
should it be nice, should it be Christ
could it be loud, could we stand proud
could we stand out or just please the crowd?
It’s a new day to sing some praise
it’s a new day to live in his grace
it’s a new day to bless his name
this is the day to get your arms raised!

(We all know our life has changed)

(Today is the day it will never be the same)

Who is the person, who once was searching
seeking and believing bleeding and hurting
praying for purpose, exploring earth surface
saying I’m worthless just isn’t worth it
heaven-sent maybe, living it crazy
money’s not an option, loving is hazy
what is it that pays me, blessings and gifts
I pray for your soul, so I’m stressing on this
too many lost, don’t know the costs
he paid for it all, so now who’s the boss
and he’s the man, as for his plan
it will carry out, please understand
we are victorious, over joyous and sealed
delivered and saved, now we’re spirit filled
our flesh has been killed, over came
as for the king of kings we know he reigns

Hands up yes / stand up yes
man up yes / living life blessed
blast sound yes / bow down yes
cast crowns yes / loving life best
one last time / one last rhyme
one last dime / no more crime
one last find / one last mind
one last bind / no more grime
Track Name: Surge On For Christ
If it is dark where is it light / what you really need is a
if u are scarred and u need life / what’s my advice?
if there is a god can u meet him tonight / call the doctor
if the evens are odd and you got a knife / place your bets on

this knife cuts right deep in out of sight
nervous u have gotten me no sleep @ night
Chris Treborn I know you never heard of me
remember myk gee? Yeah, he tried to murder me
but I killed his flesh “open heart surgery”
steal my words again no more purging me
I got nerve to speak watch the quotes leak
I sample more than diddy but I’m a Jesus freak
we got that vibe and I’m fine to all your eyes
this beauty isn’t mine its my surprise
tasty from inside like some soup n fries
the caterpillar dies and the butterfly flies
god its so nice to be back in the lab
the booth holds my truth an excuse to jab
no need to block all I need is the rock
thanks for the assist now lets take a shot

Wake up wake up its a new day
a reason to pray and a reason to thank
god for every blessing the triumph n stressing
no need to be guessing answer this question
take notes on this lesson and learn it quick
stand in the sand will it sink your ship
or will u float and rise once again
rides haunt with sin take it for a spin
remember where we been but live for now
the future is ahead don’t u look down
180 that frown and 86 the mistakes
is your love an ocean or just some big lakes?
I got the right tune if you’re in the mood
if u can improve then you got to make room
in fact make a house how many acres?
Stand with the takers or sit with the fakers

if I need another verse, I guess this will work
I’m not perverse just ‘cause I flirt
don’t flirt with death kiss her invisible lips
diseased with poison then you’re ’spiritual sick’
I pray for a remedy uplift me quick
put a band aid on my heart it took another lick
yeah it still tics like a clock on the wall
I drop when I fall but I got that call
“come on down your the next contestant”
naw, I’d rather rise up! Try not 2 guess kid
be on the guest list walk streets of gold
we were once told “well, when in Rome”
once was in sin, lunch n then din
no longer a kid! Do what r parents did
heal me once again, (doctor I am weak!)
“If he believes in me, then let him now speak!”
Track Name: Holy Definition feat. Phil Zahn
if I simplify what I testify / then I will fly, until the day I die
so I will ride, on the Christ side / this is why, we swallow our pride

Jesus Christ - yes he is my king
this is why - we rap or sing
ever since then - we’ve been saved
we been investing on escaping the grave!

Escaping the grin, to succeed in life
death’s not the end (you believe this right?)
If you bleed tonight, will you leave a wife?
Will you think twice, if you don’t see the light
never satisfy just keep on learning
gaining never sleep-on our flesh burning
fresh and deserving, why are you nervous?
What you living for? Do you seek a higher purpose?
This isn’t about church, this about life
this isn’t about religion, this about Christ
it’s a relationship, and its about time
make up your mind - about a sacrifice
I’m a seeker a seeker, yes a believer
from a tweeter to deeper, straight through a speaker
never a deceiver, our mother we need her
beyond stars and dreams, I am a reach-err
for something that’s perfect and ever lasting
got to be giving and never asking
what you obtain beyond the game of pain
if I need a reason - you know what I’m saying
what you obtain beyond the game of pain
if I need a reason - you know what I’m saying

Jesus Christ - yes he is my king
this is why - we rap or sing
ever since then - we’ve been saved
we been investing on escaping the grave!

Holy definition of the only Christian
isn’t just vision but a soul free from prison
more than a witness this is his incision
make the right choice, this is your decision
only explanation for a perfect nation
making more disciples recycle relation
if its revelation what is it revealing?
In the constellation what is it concealing?

Holy holy holy
define all that’s holy
Christ is the only
son that wont set lonely

“life up your voices / raise up your hands!
Give up your flesh / your prayers he demands!
Give up yourself / raise up your arms!
Lift up your praises / tears he’ll disarm!”

Jesus Christ - yes he is my king
this is why - we rap or sing
ever since then - we’ve been saved
we been investing on escaping the grave!
Track Name: Who Hit You?
I just have one question… who…hit… you…???

You came in this world, not first or last
didn’t know your calling but still you fast
not the past, it’s the future you waited for
your fate or destiny just what you’re made for
this world you cant take more (be still don’t cry)
born to be great - sore (its real you fly)
no need for wings and as for your halo
you plant these seeds and know they may grow
give them water, the son is hotter
thank your father, bless his daughter
just be patient, time will tell
what your facing, try excel
if you fall and get caught
it is truth - all that you brought
they’ll set you up, expose your flaws
your just some prey, enclosed in jaws

“Prophesy who hit you! Tell me was it me
tell me who hit you? Why weren’t you set free?
Tell me was it me? Who hit chu?
Why aren’t you free who hit Jew?”

I was mortified when I heard the news
I was petrified like the cross they choose
I was nailed in place, like the king of Jews
why was it not me? Why was it you?
It was my fault, it was my sin
it was my guilt, that brought you your end
I never meant to play these games
can we still be friends can I please explain
I loved you so much, but I hurt you more
I touched your soul, so deep to the core
I feel your pain, and I am to blame
you were the rain, that quenched my flame
I burnt for passion, I failed you and I lost
I’m your assassin, I nailed you to the cross
I apologize, for all my wrong doing
because it was your love - I wasn’t pursuing

“Prophesy who hit you! Tell me was it me
tell me who hit you? Why weren’t you set free?
Tell me was it me? Who hit chu?
Why aren’t you free who hit Jew?”

I have a loss of words, I have lots of nerve
I never got punished for the crime I deserve
I was set free, off the hook once again
but I gained a friend, he saved me from sin
thank you brother Yeshua / you know I love you bra’
I don’t know how you do uh, all that you do huh!
She cried those tears and you tried those peers
they were left in fear for so many years
I’m sorry for your scars, I’m glad you are here
I’m sorry that the stars don’t seem so near
but I don’t wish I just pray for you and your heart
I know if I try - love is the best start
I thank you for doing, all that you do
I appreciate you and you know its so true
this is just my way, of me being me
I thank god for your life, I pray the whole world will see

“prophesy who hit you! Tell me was it me
tell me who hit you? Why weren’t you set free?
Tell me was it me? Who hit chu?
Why aren’t you free who hit Jew?”
Track Name: Fuel
Who gives us fuel? God’s people say; JESUS!
Don’t be a fool! Our life in God WE TRUST!
Know what to do! Our savior will LEAD US!
How about you? I’m powered by JESUS!

It is so true! In love with you JESUS!
Yes we are cool! To follow God WE MUST!
Say yes to school! The knowledge will FEED US!
Everyone say; I’m powered by JESUS!

Powered by Jesus, Powered by Jesus, (fuel) Powered by Jesus!!!

Don’t teach me to preach, teach me to pray
I pray that I reach the Lord God to say;
Pray that I teach the love God today

Like waves on a beach bring forth a new day
As my stomach starts to growl, I hunger for food
But I don’t need grub, I’ll devour fruits of You
You blessings your truth I’m wondering too
If I’m tired will you, give me strength to get through?
Allow me to renew, make –a new day for us
The children we knew they, would sing your chorus
As we all grow in faith, closer to your thrown
We take steps each day, chosen so we’re grown
Like lambs on this earth, lead us o’ Jesus
Demands surface birth. The enemy needs us
deny his heathens. Don’t deceive trust!
Use spiritual teachings. Please believe thus
We are still human its time to leave lust
sins have us pinned but He will never leave us
plant seeds to grow his word will teach us
in case you don’t know his name is Jesus
he is so pure so why then do we cuss
he has the cure let the holy spirit in us
born so innocent in this world o sin
we’ll be born again and this war we’ll win

Tell me who gives you fuel I hope u say Jesus
don’t be a fool this life in god we trust
yes you can too believe he will lead us
our praise is do we’re powered by Jesus

his love is true and we love you Jesus
we are still cool so follow god we must
even after school divine love will please us
all shall confess we’re powered by Jesus

Who gives us fuel? God’s people say; JESUS!
Don’t be a fool! Our life in God WE TRUST!
Know what to do! Our savior will LEAD US!
How about you? I’m powered by JESUS!

It is so true! In love with you JESUS!
Yes we are cool! To follow God WE MUST!
Say yes to school! The knowledge will FEED US!
Everyone say; I’m powered by JESUS!
Powered by Jesus, Powered by Jesus, (fuel) Powered by Jesus!!!
Track Name: Fruit of the Spirit
we need to reach this (what is this we have to reach) it’s The fruit of the spirit; Love, Joy; Peace & Patience - Kindness goodness Faithfulness Gentleness & self-control - Against such things there is no law - that’s the fruit of the spirit!

I’m secure in God there is no hesitation
When I’m broke I pray for God’s restoration
He can fix me up, with long suffering love
Loving kindness, not a smothering love
As close as father & son providing a lesson
The power is supernatural to the message
To prove His Word, is faithful through ME AND you
Tested through trials, to come out Pure & True
I love obedience, when Dad provides and protects
Like a parent-child relationship, he supplies and corrects
(‘Cause) correction without love brings rebelliousness in essence
We’re trees of the Lord, provide fruit in God’s presence
To the ends of the earth, faith is evident
Who covers my mistakes? He said it’s heaven sent
Satan tries to penetrate armor, manifest our weakness
Let’s be strong; deny our selves, rise ABOVE all heathens
Don’t let them bring you down to their earthly ways
Read the word, walk with faith, go to church and pray
Don’t rely on the tangible, have faith and see
Go before GOD. Rely on the lord’s intimacy

this is the fruit of the spirit - we need to reach this
what we need - the fruit of the spirit
we need to reach this - we fail to prepare, we prepare to fail

spiritual savvy, fruit of the spirit - understand me I pray you hear it
that’s the fruit of the spirit - can you hear it or can you feel it
Love, Joy; Peace & Patience Kindness goodness Faithfulness
Gentleness & self-control Against such things there is no law
that’s the fruit of the spirit can you hear it or can you feel it
Track Name: Let Me Out
God I feel helpless, so can you help this
Kind of like a shell fish, why am I selfish
never had a chance to make it on my own
independent you know; that I act grown
Every time I cry, do you feel my pain
so where’s your Son, can he heal my rain
I’m still insane and I’m losing focus
I hate what I’ve done, alone I’m hopeless
why have you chose us, my family’s the broke-est.
I’m ate-n from inside, is it your locusts
questions run through, do prayers haunt you
I don’t want redemption, I just want truth
this is the last time I’m going to lie
I’ve made up my mind - I’ll begin life with Christ
if I do it just right, I will see his light
my suicidal lullaby, farewell and goodnight


Track Name: Owe My God
All my life, I’ve been listening to music
wondering how to use it, anyway I choose it
no I wont abuse it, instead I’ll make it
take it for a test drive, and now I wont fake it
as soon as the brakes hit, I crash and burn
if I live to see the day, I will last my turn
the right turn is left, now take a breath
too many violations, escaping death
but, who will I be? Will I make a name
find some fame, or take the game
no I wont cheat, I’m a face defeat
I’m a musician, writing lyrics producing beats
because selling CDs is all I know
now haters all trying to stop my flow
what they don’t know, is I’m unstoppable
taking hip hop back, I make it possible


I owe my God respect. For this very gift
use it to fight demons, till then is none left
captivate my listeners, with this ministry
purchase heavens jewel, if not; the sin is free
I think we need to find our selves before we care
I know we need to know ourselves before we share
darkness surrounds us - with its blinding ways
reach out for your father’s hand, and fall with grace
We’re 6 feet from our bed, a constant reminder
surrounded by life, just look right behind you
not such a surprise huh? Shouldn’t be blind duh?
Instead be a rider, and focus on this rhyme - What!
Is it a niche, no its my gift
don’t need to take the 5th, use my voice to uplift
give praise to the lord, and no its not a chore
I’ve said it all before, but now; this is war!


Track Name: Listen
I know its kind of simple something for my kinfolk
but you need lyrics for your instrumental
remember where we been too
mistakes that had us sinful
dishes worth a sink full. Listen very close
the past haunts us like kids & scary ghosts
this bread is made of toast like painful hours
when its time to spring bring us April showers
they say those showers bring may flowers
may flowers bring pilgrims -more than 8 hours
let me explain sours aren’t always sweet
a spoonful of sugar is not a healthy treat
what we need is meat to help us grow
more and more you know u got my trust bro
think I lack love no…instead I’m patient
people say that’s hard but I know I can make it

u got to follow your heart when you’re in dark
got to make it apart even if you’re far
look up at the stars who made it first
think you’re hungry but cant quench your thirst
so many distractions and side attractions
its faith that you lacking Satan’s attacking
but pain u just mask it yeah that’ll work
now u got more beef than a cattle’s worth
cant handle the dirt better get clean
muddy like them pigs sloppy as a sick team
I guess that’s your thing can’t walk blind
got caught from behind so u lost your eye
you see the reaction just for being plastic
who do you believe in as u get blasted
trust in your vest or trust everyone less
is IT an earthly quest or a heavenly test


Dismantle Poetry
imagine, Clothes that feed
His majesty is closed to greed
I never chose to bleed
to be free
I’ve grown to speak
each day
and every single week
if you’re meek
or bleak
only clean blood can redeem the weak
they tremble
at his speech
their temple’s
at His feet
reach out
get out - your seats NOW
He will
extend his hand
and reach down
scream or shout
ignore selfish pride
but don’t pout
if you’re wise
then bow down
and don’t doubt
we can achieve to saturate the earth’s dirt
Track Name: Spiritual Savvy
Spiritual savvy -can come in all shapes
Being fruitful –like a tree full of grapes
Lyrical taffy –can come in all tastes
Being truthful –like a sea full of grace

Put on your capes, this life is great
So don’t escape, the end can wait
Let us erase, all our mistakes
Show your game face, before its drapes

Is it better to come late or never come at all?
Snickering in back those laugh are outlaws
I’m at the front in the end, without a downfall
Does God care what I wear what’s the nature of his call Look there it is…my cover is nothing fine
Dirty damaged pedals inside I grow with time
I expand my wings and spread my mind
Lord’s life released in church you should find
Walk with the spirit walk in the spirit
Talk with the spirit talk in the spirit
I pray we all hear it don’t be cold let’s cherish
If you fall to prepare, prepare to fail without merit
Don’t be causing a ruckus; this is God’s time
Speaking as he watches us, witness lost mind
If you believe why can’t you obey
If you deceive, with EVIL do you pray?

I’m angry at the selfish. They reject truth
They wish to do evil in the church there’s proof
What should we do? Should we neglect and refuse?
So the bible we use, God’s word don’t abuse
Understand it’s all the same obey authority
God ignores minority. Obedience is important see
Keep what is fruitful, re-grow sour grapes
Branches fall off, the pit devours fakes
Shake’em off shake’em, instill the spirit & make’em
If it’s fixed don’t break’em, bear our crosses and take’em
Obtain the kingdom, the church then the world
Start with yourself, friends, fam. And your girl
Any enemy that tries to harm us will be destroyed
By the fire that comes, from their mouth employed
If our belief is in Christ believe Christ is in us
If we deny his life…healing wounds we can’t touch
Track Name: Praise

The kingdom is within, and established here
Where ever we go the lord too is there
‘Cause a man without God, is a fool without Him
Why do we go solo, without own plans we doubt him?
Satan wants you to let go, so you can make your own plan
That’s not your plan (it’s Satan’s) so be your own man
Offended by insults you search for that escape
He weakness seeps thru which makes the strength great
I’m ready for this meal God set the table no mistake
Nourished by his fuel to feed hunger with this plate
‘Cause the less I have, the more –I depend on him
Ask me why I changed, and know within it’s him
Holy Spirit lead the way, take over this body
I say the devil’s lies, when my mind’s naughty
I’m sorry to deceive, my girl I love –God I need
I’m weak in myself, with thy love –I believe

So am I an angel? Or can I be a saint?
Not numb I got feelings, so I won’t faint
As the hand reaches out, on my knees I pray
Taste the fruit and its good, each and every day
I am me and you are you. Individuals too
Not seeing eye to eye. heart to heart is how we do
Let’s unite under God. I got love for you
Even if we fight, what is right is the truth
Shadows move across, the light’s coming back
Sunset and sunrise, not forever is it black
Stars are still out, even with the clouds
We can still laugh, even with no clowns
Throw the strong hold down. Raise up your sword
We got power in this town, praise to our Lord
“If I’m a fool for Jesus –whose fool are you?”
Is you garden seedless? You need light and water too!
I got the beef on the table, ready to eat

Growing up and I’m able –to swallow meat
I had guilt I call this; greed my dummy
No longer milk, now solids feed my tummy
God won’t leave me hungry. My cup is half full
If yours is half empty, without envy have soul
We can grow in the lord, our walk has purpose
(One foot in the grave?) Rise above the surface
We’ve been held down, it’s time to break loose
I’m free with J.C. are you chasing the goose
Are you following you? Are you wearing a noose?
With this cross I hold truth, your belief you abuse
All we see can be ours, are we blind as we look
God gives us sight, beyond words in a book
Please don’t have doubt I know that is hard
Come out come out Where ever you are
Track Name: Exquisite
The New Year is coming so haters start running
‘Bout to build a dream and call them my team
As soon as we grow we’re going to hit the scene
Bring music to the fiends and help the people sing SOOOOOOOO
Put your hands together you can stand so proud
Get your plans together and we’ll take a bow
Now I make a vow and I’ll say it loud
How can we fail we don’t even have a towel
To throw it in? You’re no Christian Hey; so listen! Say No To Sin
Don’t –Let it in! Yes, we’re here to win
Be forgiven, here and now is when
Look I’m your brother; yes I’m your friend
We can love each other, be together to the end
Hug one another, be thankful we can live
But first its our lives, to God we will give

now everybody you can stand up if you love Christ - put your hands up
if you love God - you can stay right there if you like what you see - go ahead and stare

They say; “look at Chris Treborn, he’s not a Christian”
Well in fact I am, but first you got to listen
See I’m like you; I am not a perfect person
I just pray to God, to stop me from cursing
Need to follow his ways & ask him what to do
He gives me His task Satan tries to answer too
Sometimes I get confused, and don’t know what to do
Want to do good, but sins -keep pouring through
My body isn’t mine; I’m not connected to my mind
Disconnected in time, JESUS let us dine
Turn my water into wine; I want to grab a nine
I need a first down, but I’m running out of time
Like a Sanders jersey, as temptations hurt me
I feel so dirty, but your love is worthy
All for my bruises, and tears you heard me
Hear the good news! ‘Cause in shadows evil’s lurking

Satan flee to hell, I shake him off
Wait let me tell, I make him soft
Take him another loss, fake grim God is boss
This is me and mine, here is my cross
So your every power, over me now stops
Your cowards attack, I give them no props
Watch my cd as it drops, with a win as you watch
Praising God forever more, what’s in store’s not a loss
This is war what it costs, Jesus died on that cross
So I’m saved I’m not lost, I’m not judged it’s because
Being loved & forgiven, means please no more sinning
With the devil find an ending, God gives a new beginning
No more money, don’t be spending
All that’s left -is us winning
No more breaking no more bending
No more hating no more kidding
This is it this is us, this is Him this is trust
That was sin that was lust, that was wrong how we cuss
Been so long without love, like a song with a dove
I’m a Bible under dust Need a hug and His touch
Yes it means so much, I mean love is tough
Sometimes can be rough, but it’s more then enough
As long as it comes, from the heavens above
What does He have for you? Unconditional love!

We still got the sickest / breaking laws of physics
Pray for existence / where else could we get this?
If you didn’t hear it / that means you missed it
God you got us lifted in the end we’ll be exquisite
Track Name: Unashamed
I’m spitting Gospel G, until the day that I die Reppin’ one thing with my hands in the sky No need to sigh, y’all know the reason why They take snapshots, listen as you hear him cry There is only one man who knows my pain Besides all the fans that will explain Not another way to bridge death and life It took three nails and one cross, that is why!

JESUS CHRIST I LOVE YOU No matter what they say or do, it’s all for you Even if they paid me millions to deny your truth JESUS CHRIST I NEED YOU

I keep his name on my lips and his life on my mind Every time I rhyme in his light I can find More soldiers on the line screaming his name More pictures are taken but he ignores the fame He’s telling me KJ-52 is right There’s only ONE WAY, ONE TRUTH & ONE LIFE I recite it on paper, repeat it in my head I thank you ‘cause many times I could’ve been dead Left alone to die, but angels are on my side Through each & every lie, every girl as my pride All times I accepted flesh as my ruler All the sin every test, all the beer in the cooler God I am selfish, even feeling helpless Hell is a mess. Christian Rap, can I sell this?

JESUS CHRIST I LOVE YOU No matter what they say or do, it’s all for you Even if they paid me millions to deny your truth JESUS CHRIST I NEED YOU And to see you suffer I got tears in my eyes With this sacrifice I can hear the angels’ cries JESUS CHRIST I LOVE YOU I’m sorry I did bad, Father please forgive He said with one drop The blood will let me live JESUS CHRIST I NEED YOU

Now my job’s to testify show the world of our fall How soon will I see you? Answer your call How we were outlaws, but he died for us! If that’s not love, I wouldn’t know of any trust I wish I was there even with all the gloom Just to see you live on Free from the tomb Now I know what to do, in my heart I’ll make room Pray my mind to comprehend escaping the doom I can see through him and its not just a ghost This is his body and blood, and now we make a toast (…breakdown…) We live on victorious! Yes it’s so glorious! Now let’s take… a moment of silence. Shhhh Ignore all the violence. (…kick it…) But we don’t have time to be quiet Those who are silent are golden by a riot I’m making noise stand still, raising my voice I shout how I feel That’s my own choice As the rain pours down, I survive the storm Staying still in his glory My umbrella and warmth When it rains it pours and the wise man snores I got the trinity and it’s something like smores Throughout the wars they will be there Take your cross and strap up but you better beware Because we’re running out of time, running out of paper Running in a rhyme. Running from danger!

JESUS CHRIST I NEED YOU Enemies are not strangers, you know them like angels Do you understand? Or do I have to explain bro? JESUS CHRIST I LOVE YOU GOD, if only my brothers had a chance Didn’t get sucked in by lust and romance Getting shot up. In their hearts they bleed They feel so deceived, never knew their lead Follow the leader, he will guide the way Bring your weapon of choice. Then we will pray It’s our last day so you better make way Bring you knowledge & wisdom + your faith Need a lion’s strength? Show we are great If you’re not real, wait. This is our fate

I feel his heartbeat and I march with my feet Onto victory we will not see defeat I hear your thoughts. And your doubts sink Give it all or nothing. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK!?